Jasmine Seer is presenting you with 3 twin flame readings and Services opportunities to gain clarity and piece of mind.  

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Options 1 & 2: Jasmine's Popular 30 Minute Live Sessions 

You Will have To Meet These Requirements:

  • You must already have a solid, foundational understanding of the Law of Attraction
  • You must fully understand the difference between love and attachment
  • You must fully acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality and that you are not by any means a victim to any circumstance. You create it all & you can change it all.
  • You must understand that it is vitally important that you are able to release insistence of who you believe your Twin Flame to be.

To Prepare for the Live Session With Jasmine Seer:

  • Be prepared to take notes
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time
  • Prepare your list of “Problems to solve” ahead of time
  • Prepare your list of goals ahead of time

Jasmine is fully equipped to address anything that becomes relevant during the session. Her focus is on keeping you focused on exactly how to achieve Twin Flame Union. Healing is also transferred to you automatically by her, during the session.

Jasmine can guarantee that if you follow her guidance, you will Manifest Twin Flame Union. You are the only one who can guarantee your compliance and follow through.

Love Gift Donation:

30 minutes $250

60 minutes $600

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Option 2:  The Manifest Twin Flame Union Full Twin Flame Reading

There was once a time when I spent $1200.00 on a reading that turned out to be the best guidance that I ever received.  It helped me attract and manifest my own union and I want to give you all the opportunity to do the same.  In my Manifest Twin Flame Union 1:1 Reading's you will find that:

  • Readings are 100% Channeled
  • Healing is Delivered Automatically
  • Private Readings are Done With Multi-View Camera Setup. (Just Like The Zodiac Readings, as well as my timeless collection videos)
  • Your Private Reading Will Be Recorded into a Video and Sent To You
  • Your Reading Will be 100% Based in the Future, and Also, Simultaneously Relevant To Your NOW.
  • The Entire reading Will Not Make Sense At First, Until You Reach The Future That The Reading Speaks Of.
  • It is Designed in Such A Way, So That If You Have Paid Attention To The Reading, You Will KNOW What Action To Take, Before The Pivotal Moment Arrives. In Order To Attract The Highest Outcome Depicted. (You Will Have The Video To Re-Watch as Needed)
  • The Cards Will Hold Synchronicities That Punctuate on Important Information
  • I Will Show You Where All The Synchonicities Are
  • You Will Be Shown The Problems.
  • You Will Be Shown The Solutions To The Problems
  • You Will Be Shown The Highest Outcome
  • You Will Be Given Clear Directions on How To Achieve The Highest Outcome. Step By Step, How To Align Vibrationally and Action Steps.

Get started today by contacting Jasmine at BestTwinFlamePsychic@Yahoo.com.

love offering:  $1100.00

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