Jasmine Seer, Formerly known as Elise Perez; After undergoing a series of quantum leaps in consciousness, manifested Twin Flame Union in 17 days. Well aware of her ability to manifest, she documented her journey to manifesting union, PUBLICLY. 17 days from separation to union. She has demystified the mysteries of twin flame union. She walks her talk, manifesting Union, at will. Her only goal is to assist you to do the same, any way that she can, her one goal in life, revolving around helping twins all around the world, manifest twin flame union in 3D

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About ME

“Jasmine Seer is more than an empath. She’s more than a psychic. She’s more than a healer. She’s a living embodiment & glowing example of self love. & moreover, she cares enough about people to want them to feel the same. You can tell by her attention to detail & insight in her readings that she uses every faculty & gift that she’s been given to give as much insight as she can for the betterment of experiencing life; overcoming our blocks to love & our self inflicted pain to finally achieving that inner peace we all want so desperately to feel. She doesn’t phone it in, she truly cares & wants to empower people to be able to equip themselves with the ability to fill their own proverbial spiritual tool belt with everything they need for personal fulfillment. I’m grateful to have met her, & I can’t recommend her enough. ” – Kari


It's one thing to know the trajectories of your future, but it's another thing entirely to create the future that you so desperately desire. And that's exactly what I can assist you with, creating the ultimate fulfilling life of your dreams. Let's face it, isn't that why you want to know the future? To know that everything is ok, & is going to work out for you in the end? That's all well & good, but you can't forget that life isn't about outcomes. Life is about experiencing the journey that gets you there, & discovering that utopia that's your very own. And that's where I come in. that's my game. Psychic phenomenon only tells me exactly what u need. but from there, i can tell u exactly how to create the changes u want in your life. That is something most psychics are not focusing on, they're mostly about potential outcome. I'm about your personal transcendence. I'm about solutions. I'm about shedding light on your situation so that a solution can be had so you can heal. So you don't have to repeat the same patterns over and over again in your life. It's about a new paradigm in love that first starts within.