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Transforms Today Into Align With Love.

It isn't a secret, Elise Perez has been actively bringing individuals the healing that they need in their twin flame journeys while promoting, encouraging, and making a way for unions that align with their energetic vibrations, and their perfect match.

Want to go back even further in the posts from Elise Perez?  Check out and discover the information and readings that will resonate with you on your journey.  

While Highlights of the past will be posted here:  Elise's Reawakening Hearts Blog has over 2000 hits a day, and has been increasingly growing as she has said yes to the innovative way of bringing the right people into the lives of her clients, and healing the hurts of those who have trusted, and said yes with hope, and faith in the future no matter how dark things may have seemed when they first came to her.

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