The latest in Zodiac Readings From Jasmine Seer (Elise Perez)

Are you looking for a sign?  What sign are you?  Where is your sun?  Where is your moon?  Because our astrology charts are based upon 12 houses what many fail to realize is that each of these readings are going to apply to you and your life.  Start with your Zodiac Reading, and then as led watch the others as it applies to that particular house in your chart. 

Capricorn August Love Reading

The Capricorn Reading- Has to do with Money, Logic and Work. Simultaneously, how these things are affecting your relationship with yourself, which is reflected in the other person you are having a relationship with, and also your relationship to the world. How the world is responding to you and Resolving Working Against Yourself. So, if you want to know how to change the response that the world is giving to you, watch that reading. Even My friends who have never watched readings before, LOVE these readings.

Aquarius august Love Reading

A Mission Impossible Becomes A Golden Opportunity... Where There's a Will, There's A Way, And A Way Will Be Made.


Virgo August Reading.png

Virgo August Love Reading

Virgo is NOT a Person, It is an Energy Expression. We ALL Contain All of The Energies of The Zodiac. Balancing Them Out Is How We Manifest A Balanced Life!!

Through Learning To Unfix Your Mind and Regain Your Natural Flexibility, Your Creative Streak Returns and Balance Is Restored. Harmony is The Natural Consequence Of You Being You. You Didn't Know How To Do it Before, But A Solution Is Coming. Your Connection To Divine Will Illuminate Your Path of Creation. Union With The Self Equals Union With All Other things. Love Abounds.


Leo August Love Reading

This Reading is For Anyone Who Wants To Protect Their Union! 
"Defend Till The End The Worthwhile" If You Don't Love Yourself and Protect Your Own Heart, You Cannot Protect and Preserve Your Union. The Two Are One In The Same. You Might Have To Fight For What You Want! You May Have Lost Faith, But The Show is Not Over Yet. And, That's Exactly How This Reading Played Out. When I was Done, I Just Didn't "Feel" Done. So, I Kept On, and An Much More, Satisfying Ending Unfolded. As If We Didn't Have Enough Synchronicities Already, We Landed On The Strength Card, Which Corresponds With Leo. It Says "You Got Him Right Where You Want Him". Let This Reading Show You Step By Step, How To Protect Your Union.

Aries august Love Reading

The Aries Reading - Is all about POWER. How you are misusing it. How you are Missing it. How you are misinterpreting it and how to turn all of that around and come into balance to create the exit that you want. The exit from the CRAP and Into the GOOD situation that you desire most. If you want to know how to use your power to create harmony, The Aries Reading is for you.

Gemini Reading.png

cancer august Love Reading

This Reading is For Anyone Who Gives Too Much, Loves Too Much, And Just Find Themselves Feeling Imbalanced As A Result. If You're Feeling Depleted, Depressed, Sad, Ill, or Like Life is Unfair, Are YOU Loving YOU? Or are You So Busy Doing and Loving For Others, That YOU are Having All These Negative Emotions/Circumstances and Forgot it's Because YOU Need to Do YOU?

Gemini Reading.png

Gemini August Love Reading

I Actually did Take Advantage of The "Twin" Concept Inherent in Gemini Energy and Played it into the Twin Flame Concept in this Reading. This Reading is About Going From Separation To UNION, and What it Takes To Bridge That Gap. You Can't Skip The Steps in Between. Let's Talk About Union. Let's Talk About Getting There...


Taurus Love Reading

If You Are Ready To FULLY Manifest Twin Flame Union In 3D, This Reading is For You!
This Reading Takes You On A Journey That Shows You How To Ground The 3D Version Of Your Twin Flame UNION into Fully Manifested Form. If You are In A Place Where You Feel Like You Can't Figure Out Just How To make It Happen, This Reading Is For You. A Lot Of Things Can Get In The Way. This Reading Identifies The Blocks To UNION, The Solutions and The Steps To Take You There.


Scorpio Love Reading

The Scorpio Reading - Has to do with your relationship to yourself and the temptations before you, in your relationships. The conflict, the back and forth and how to finally release their hold on you. What do you need to do to get out of this toxic relationship? If you want to know, watch the Scorpio Reading.

Pisces Reading.png

pisces august love reading

These Cards Have Solutions To Your Illusions!! Pisces is All About Illusions. When Under The Influence of Illusion, You Will Be Imbalanced. You Could Have All The Right stuff, But Everything Has A Right Time and Place. One Thing Off Can Imbalance The Whole Structure.  This Reading Takes You From Problem To Solution and Points Out The Detailed Steps Along The Way.

Libra Reading.png

libra august Love Reading

"Union of Hearts... It's In The Bag..."

The Scales are All about Balance (Balance = UNION). Which is what we ALL Need to Achieve. Especially if you want Union. Especially if you want that Perfect UNION of Masculine and Feminine Energies. Especially if You Want That Balance Between Giving Love and Receiving Love. Especially If You Want That Balance Between 3D and 5D. Balance is where its at. And, Quite of Few of the readings Prior, have been pointing us to this point of balance. It's EXTREMELY important. Balance = Manifestation. Sit Down, Get A Drink, Watch, Listen, Absorb & Take Note, cuz This Reading DEPICTS FULL MANIFESTATION OF UNION IN 3D AND TELLS YOU HOW TO GET THERE. THE LOVE, THE ROMANCE, THE BUBBLE LOVE, IT'S THE FULL FLEDGED, FULL ENCHILADA, DEPICTED IN THE CARDS, AS A REACHABLE OUTCOME, AND THE CARDS TELL YOU EXACTLY, STEP BY STEP, HOW TO GET THERE. Finally, you got your Romantic , Fairy-tale Ending!! 


Sagittarius August Love Reading 

Sagittarius is The Most Philosophical sign. Always Thinking about ascension. This reading presents the coming of a new era in your Twin Flame Journey. A new beginning!Union is happening, Mission is happening, and we are ironing out all the wrinkles in the relationship. This Reading did make a clear distinction between the Masculine and The Feminine, as the Masculine Makes His Way to his Goddess to Claim His Rightful Place in Her World.